Kreayshawn Loves Cats, But Not if They Poop Too Much

Kreay and Choppa, via Instagram
Oakland's own Kreayshawn may not be the world's best rapper, but, like 97.3 percent of people on the Internet, she does adore cats. The "Gucci Gucci" upstart and flash-in-the-hip-hop-pan spoke to Catster about her tabby feline mob, whose members include the elusive Kitty (who apparently prefers the company of dudes) and Choppa (a snuggling-in-the-bed type creature). Both adopted, the latter is named for its mysteriously half-length tail. And according to Kreay-Kreay and her Instagram feed, both kitties get up to some grade-A mischief now and then.

Kitty and Choppa aren't the Kreayfish's first two cats, though. For her 18th birthday, she was given a cat as a present. Unfortunately, First Kitty's bowels were a little too enthusiastic.


She would shit in the litter box so much and also in the drain in the bathtub. You wouldn't know at first until you were taking a shower and all the water would start to turn brown as it came back up, so you had to fish it out with your fingers.

So what happened to Poopy Kitty?

"I only had her for two weeks. I gave her to another friend to adopt."

Did you tell her about the cat's poop problems?

No, I didn't like her! [the friend]

So there's the deal, cats. The Kreay will adopt you, get you a Twitter account, and take zillions of glam-shots to be posted all over the Interwebs. But if you poop too much, watch out.

Hopefully the preggo Kreay's incoming newborn will get the memo.

Cat fanatics, check out all of the Kreay's Catster interview, with more photos.

-- @iPORT

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