The 10 Worst Things About Avril Lavigne's New "Rock N Roll" Video

Remember when Avril Lavigne first emerged, fresh from a Hot Topic sale, riding on the handlebars of a BMX and singing about skater boys? Sorry -- "Sk8tr Boi"s? Frankly, that video was so contrived and stupid we remain deeply offended by it, even a decade later. We had assumed Ms. Lavigne would be incapable of ever coming up with anything quite that aggravating ever again, but -- guess what, kids? -- she's finally managed to one-up herself on the awful scale, thanks to her new video for the ironically-titled "Rock N Roll".

Literally everything about this song and video is wrong. Just... wrong.


So what are the very worst things about "Rock N Roll"? Here's our list:

1. The most brazen and sickly product placement in the history of music video. "Oh! My new Sony phone is ringing!" Cue viewer vomit.

2. "I don't care about my makeup" is a line that only works if you don't have a full face of slap that clearly took a professional two hours to apply. Also: terrible opening line for a song.

3. Billy Zane = Completely ruined forever.

4. "I don't care if I'm a misfit -- I like it better than the hipster bullshit." You've gotta be shitting me...

5. The scene where Avril stands in the path of a girl who's minding her own business, gives her judge face, then tears her clothes up with a knife for no fucking reason -- further promoting the bullying and girl-on-girl hate that Avril previously supported in the video for "Girlfriend." 

6. "I ain't never gonna cover up my tattoo." It is ill-advised, at best, to brag about being tattooed, if it's "tattoo" singular.

7.  When Avril Lavigne tries to be Ke$ha and talks about getting "wasted," she not only lacks conviction, but also makes wacky drinking and driving jokes that are in shamefully poor taste.

8. Gratuitous girls-on-girl make-out scene. Yawn.

9. The parody of Slash's guitar solo scene from Guns N' Roses' "November Rain" video. Dream on, Lavigne.

10. The entire premise that this song is even vaguely rock 'n' roll.

-- @Raemondjjjj
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John Lilly
John Lilly

Taking pop culture way too seriously ...

Ten Kat
Ten Kat

OMG these comments. LOLZ

Ten Kat
Ten Kat

I got sucked in by Winnie Cooper and I couldn't stop watching. Just SOOOOO bad. I watched with my jaw down on the floor. haha.

Jesse Mills
Jesse Mills

I'd rather have a Canadian girl laughing at her look, fashion, style etc., than an SF hipster who thinks his beard and plaid shirt give him credibility like Bob Dylan. A teenager wearing Hot Topic is a fucking zillion times more honest and self aware than a hipster in a fedora writing useless hate screeds like these.

Jesse Mills
Jesse Mills

How you can hate on a video that features Winnie Cooper, a Tank Girl tribute, and Billy Zane on a rocket-powered Segway is beyond me. Someone has Zero understanding of irony.

Greg Nemet
Greg Nemet

Wait... Why do you have to hate on her? How is she worse than the shit Miley Cyrus put out.... Or the rape culture Robyn Thike ( however u spell that assholes name).... Yet u did not seem to post a smear campaign on them... Good one friends...

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