Here Is a Very Short Music Video Responding To That Peter Shih Jerk

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You know, Peter Shih, whose face is plastered all over for SOMA today, who wrote that now-infamous (and now-removed) post complaining how parking in a big city is difficult and homeless people are poor and, ugh, fog? Yeah well Rebecca Bortman and Co. posted this 38-second music video in response. Unsurprisingly, it features a toilet:

Also, the Bold Italic wrote a sensible response to the whole thing, if you want to get into it.

-- @iPORT

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William Dolan
William Dolan

Weak... Now that is what Mr. Shih refers to as a "49'er," and along w/ three techie hipsters, not exactly who I want reppin' our city... All this back and forth is pretty embarrassing actually, we know there is nothing like our beautiful city by the Bay, when you're on top, haters gonna hate, so thank you Mr. Shih, now get the F- out. #SFC4LIFE

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