Watch: Persia's "Google Google Apps Apps" Is the Queer Retort to S.F. Gentrification

You've heard the debates: The techies are killing San Francisco. The techies are saving San Francisco. San Francisco should be more like New York so more techies can live here. Everyone say fuck it and move to the East Bay.

Now, watch what a few clever S.F. queers can contribute to the conversation: "Google Google Apps Apps," a genuinely catchy dance-pop tune from Persia featuring Daddies Plastik, wherein a band of clever weirdos decry the increasingly unaffordable environs of a city that once welcomed them. It contains: sarcastic pleas to become white, discussion of bleached assholes, deliciously cheesy green-screen effects, and lots of Google maps imagery. Whatever side of the debate you fall on, this is pretty much an instant classic in the genre of anti-S.F.-gentrification songs.

-- @iPORT

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