In Print: The Coup's Boots Riley on Art, Politics, and Getting Laid

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Boots Riley, suiting up.
In the latest print edition of SF Weekly, we talk to Boots Riley -- leader of radical Oakland hip-hop outfit The Coup, erstwhile figurehead of the Occupy Oakland movement, and underrated philosopher -- for his views on art, music, politics, and why he's not as successful as some people think. He says things like:

"I say this all the time: I think musicians are better when they have to play well in order to get laid."

"A lot of times, organizers, activists, and artists are told that the problem is inside the people they're talking to, and I don't believe that. I believe that the people I'm talking to already agree with me -- they may just use different words for it -- and that the main problem is that people don't think that they have the power to do anything about it."

"In about 10 years there's going to be a Tupac museum in Oakland, and no black people."

Read Boots Riley in his own words here.

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We recommend shows! This week, check out Tijuana Panthers, Debo Band, the Summer Slaughter Tour (featuring the wonderfully named Cattle Decapitation), and go see that new Big Star documentary, Nothing Can Hurt Me, at the Roxie Theater starting this Friday.

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