Close Your Eyes and This Emily's Army Song Sounds EXACTLY Like Green Day

Emily's Army is Green Day, Jr.
East Bay pop-punk outfit Emily's Army is a band of teenagers. But Emily's Army is kinda famous -- way more famous than the teenage pop-punk band you played in -- because their drummer, 18-year-old Joey Armstrong, is Billie Joe Armstrong's kid. How fame works when you have that connection is pretty easy to figure out. But even given the blood connection to Green Day, even given that Emily's Army has the same publicity team, that their album was produced by Billie Joe, and all the other similarities, this one thing about Emily's Army still somehow surprises us:

They sound EXACTLY like Green Day.

Okay, and by "EXACTLY," we mean like a carbon-fucking-copy -- except for the important fact their singer isn't nearly as snotty or convincing as Billie Joe Armstrong, because, well, he just isn't.

Everything else, song-wise and production-wise, is the same: That thin, slightly metallic guitar sound. The throaty, punchy drum sound. That warm, brown, high-in-the-mix East Bay pop-punk bass. The drum patterns (and especially fills) have been lifted exactly from the repertoire of Tre Cool. The song structure perfectly mirrors a Green Day tune like "Stay the Night."

Everything is the same! It's like Emily's Army is Green Day, Jr!

Which it sort of literally is.

And yet "The Rescuers" is not so good. It sounds like a bunch of advantaged young dudes trying to sound much tougher and more upset than they are, but graced with the production values of one of the world's biggest rock bands. That production value isn't always flattering on Green Day's music, either. But we'll still take this over Emily's Army, even if the difference (besides the vocals) is extremely hard to discern:

-- @iPORT

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