5 Musicians Who Are Also Accomplished Artists

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Before My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way became world famous and inspired millions of teens to put on too much eyeliner, he worked at the Cartoon Network and was an aspiring animator. Way has been releasing comic books -- the award-winning Umbrella Academy series -- with his artist friend Gabrielle Ba since 2007, but this week he revealed that, with the recent release of new graphic novel Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (based on the fourth and final MCR album), he will be stepping away from comics. Shame. Not that Way is on his own when it comes to being multi-talented. Here are five other musicians who are also great artists:

Ronnie Wood, The Rolling Stones


Until relatively recently, the general public wasn't aware that guitar hero Ron Wood did anything else fancy with his fingers. His native U.K. was surprised by his artistic talent in 2004, when a popular BBC arts show did a special on his paintings -- before that, he was relatively quiet about the whole thing. Impressive then, that the San Francisco Art Exchange has been working with him for decades -- the gallery first exhibited his work in 1987.

Justine Frischmann, Elastica


When Elastica disbanded once and for all in 2001, Justine Frischmann found herself hosting arts-based television shows for the BBC for a while. Clearly not entirely comfortable with the new job, the singer/guitarist moved to Boulder, Colorado, enrolled in a visual arts program and became an abstract painter. She now lives in Marin County. "I think my approach and aesthetics reveal internal struggles and speak to my family origins and history," she told InTheMake.com last year.

Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan's paintings are often surprisingly vivid views of the world -- rivers painted red, railroads stretching into teal-colored hills, and skies painted with a Van Gogh-like fervor. He paints scenery of the American countryside and exotic Mediterranean locales, and portraits of people who frequently look down on their luck. His new collection of art, The Drawn Blank, will be released in book form next month. Dude is never going to retire.

Julianna Hatfield


The singer-songwriter and sometime Lemonheads collaborator shared some of her art with Paste Magazine last year, but said she's not yet ready to exhibit her work publicly. We hope Hatfield gets there soon, because, from what we saw, her work focuses on extremely raw representations of the female body. Most intriguing.

Joni Mitchell


Joni Mitchell said in 1998 that she was "a painter first, and a musician second." When she released the concept album Both Sides Now, in 2000, it came with lithographs of her paintings. Her work has featured a multitude of fascinating self-portraits, as well as representations of fellow musicians (including Neil Young and Miles Davis) and a variety of, um, cats.

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Frankie Griffen
Frankie Griffen

I think you mean "who are also great *visual artists" unless you're throwing music out of the "art" category

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