R.I.P. White Girl Mob, 2011 - (Not Quite) 2013

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Farewell, White Girl Mob.
In Memoriam
White Girl Mob
May 27, 2011-June 13, 2013

A video interview posted to VladTV.com yesterday put the nail in the coffin of this barely two-year-old entity, formerly comprised of Kreayshawn, V-Nasty, and Lil Debbie -- three young women who were raised in the East Bay and made their formal debut as a crew at San Francisco's now-defunct SOM Bar on May 27, 2011. Never mind that the appointed "DJ," Lil Debbie, didn't actually mix anything or even sport headphones as a fashion accessory. They had the viral momentum of Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci" video (which now has been viewed over 42 million times) to ride on, a tidal wave that brought A&R reps and trend-hounds to this first show.

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"There is no White Girl Mob," V-Nasty told DJ Vlad in the video above -- though she was careful to clarify that she supports Lil Debbie and the two are working together. While she doesn't provide the details of the rift, she asserts that loyalty is an important quality to her, so that may be the cause of death.

By the time Kreayshawn's debut album, Somethin' Bout Kreay, dropped in September 2012, it already seemed dead on arrival, selling under 4,000 copies in the first week. The actual time of death of WGM may have happened a long, long time ago, though. When we posted about a rift between Kreayshawn and Lil Debbie in December 2011, at least one commenter let us know that it was old news. But then Debbie and V-Nasty showed up in Kreay's video for her mall rat pop song "Go Hard" in August 2012, and we breathed a sigh of relief.

Tamara Palmer
On stage with White Girl Mob at the San Francisco debut on May 27, 2011.

Oh, for everything to be back the way it was two years ago, with fresh possibilities looming ahead for three stylish gals who inspired many a "Fuck Yeah" Tumblr page (here's V-Nasty's, Kreayshawn's, where you can see the happy trio as they were, and Lil Debbie's, the latter by far the most trolled). Hopefully the formal proclamation of the split will allow them to blossom individually.

But cry not, basic bitches, for with each death comes new life. Kreayshawn is reportedly pregnant, so she's definitely still got swag pumping out her ovaries.

-- @teemoney415

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