Bottle Rock Napa Valley Still Owes $630,000 to More Than 140 Workers

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Vintage Trouble performing at Bottle Rock Napa Valley
A month after Bottle Rock Napa Valley finished its first-ever music and food festival with major acts like the Black Keys and Kings of Leon, organizers still owe workers who produced the event more than $630,000.

The Press-Democrat reports that 142 stagehands haven't been paid for much of the work they put in at Bottle Rock -- a delay that "never happens" in the theater and live music industry, according a union rep. The amount is small relative to the overall budget of the festival, but large for the individuals owed. One video technician says he's due more than $4,000.

Festival co-founder Bob Vogt said the workers will be paid, but haven't yet because the festival is still missing its cut of food and beverage sales. Vogt and co-founder Gabe Meyers are in a dispute with the catering company that oversaw food and drink at Bottle Rock, which Vogt says hasn't provided a true accounting of sales and is in "breach of contract."

But a spokesman for the catering company defends its accounting, and says the amount in dispute isn't enough to cover what the stage hands are owed anyway.

Bottle Rock organizers also have only until July 1 to donate to charity what they hoped would be up to $1 million from the event, which ran May 9-12 in at the Napa Vally Expo.

Read the Press-Democrat's full story, and check out our review of Bottle Rock Napa Valley.

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Clearly Michael Leifer got his bill paid… what a hypocritical guy! How about “Gabriel and Bob” (Meyers and Vogt) pay those hard working people from money earned from tickets sell? Ever thought of that? Their dispute with the catering company is one thing that could always be settled in court if need be. But making two wrongs doesn’t make it right. Lots of other things went wrong in that festival, just ask anyone who paid for VIP ticket for example. No doubt your PR Company did a great job being in bed with KFOG and others, to say how great this poorly run festival was.

I know BottleRock was supposed to donate money to charity by 7/1/13, could you please publicize that info? What organizations ended up getting it, and how much? Oh, wait… they didn’t?

BTW, what else are you promoting with that gel hair and top less picture on your web site?

aliasetc topcommenter

Who did the 1st count? They're the ones to look at!


Here is a potential SIMPLE SOLUTION TO SETTLE THE DISPUTE, and hopefully GET EVERYONE PAID expeditiously. Every person who has worked in live event production knows that a massive amount of the real money made is from the bar! From the article, it sounds like the catering company for Bottle Rock, created and run by Sean Knight and Cindy Pawlcyn, was responsible for running the registers, taking in the cash and credit cards, giving out the beverages and the accounting. So, it sounds like simple accounting.

If Pawlcyn (and her investors) want to continue to have my and my family, friends and colleagues' supportive business at her establishments, including the one at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, then she'll have Mr. Night transparently and publicly post and share the accounting of: (1) receipts of original beverage purchased by either the catering company or purchased or donated to bottle rock (2) and multiply the total of number 1 X the mark up $s (profit projection) for each beverage to be sold (e.g. $9 a beer X number of beers per keg X number of kegs, etc.) (3) less beverages not sold (audited by an available and local neutral 3rd party) (4) less cash register receipts and terminal print outs from credit card transactions (5) less $1 owed per beverage to each charity (which was displayed on all the signs throughout the festival for 4 days as well as in all the advertisements). The money that should have been made will be clearly shown in the total of what is or is not due.

If there is an error, I'd imagine that Mr. Pawlcyn and her colleagues would immediately correct it and pay Bottle Rock the outstanding money, so that these hard working Americans, who helped to make this successful cause-driven event, can get paid, thrive and prosper.

It also seems to me that once everyone gets paid, we should not throw the baby out with the bathwater, but instead recognize the positive intention and vision of this Bottle Rock event, which was to create constructive economic multipliers for the Napa Valley Region across different sectors, while concurrently unifying the quality local wineries and restaurants behind a purpose-driven celebration of food, wine and music. Once the dust settles, we may be giving quite a bit of thanks to Gabriel and Bob.


@michaelleifer you scumbag. The money is there. In fact the heads of bottle rock it could sell ONE of their cars and pay the people that did work for them.


@michaelleifer These assholes owe Up & Under catering 185K. Its not just a couple thousand here and there. The owner is a great man and now he's on the verge of bankruptcy. Fuck gabe and rob and fuck you too Michael!!!


@michaelleifer So you're saying your PR agency, Guerilla PR, has been retained by Bottle Rock? And your strategy is to defame the caterers to distract people from the fact that your clients are stealing labor from the unions? Tsk Tsk.

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