Juicy J Plays the Classics at the Fillmore, 6/4/13

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Juicy J at the Fillmore last night.
Juicy J
A$AP Ferg
Tuesday, June 5, 2013
The Fillmore

Better than:
Missing any member of the A$AP Mob when they come to town.

Juicy J bent the Fillmore over and poked it like wet paint. Some artists can say no to playing the old hits right next to the new ones, but Juicy J can't.

Decades flew through the smoky air as Juicy J shared plenty of hits, and blunts, with the crowd. Things were already pretty well turned up when the rapper went into his 2012 hit, "Bandz A Make Her Dance" -- but the crowd was thrown into full-blown trippy-twerk-mode when he followed it up with Three 6 Mafia classics like "Poppin' My Collar" and "Slob On My Knob."

When Juicy wasn't busy popping bandz or collars, he was showing off some of his newest material to the crowd. One song, titled "Having Sex," started with Juicy imploring, "If you believe in having sex, say 'Hell yeah!'" It won support from a crowd that was almost certainly purity-ring free. Who comes to a Juicy J concert and doesn't believe in having sex? Even more than that, who in general doesn't "believe" in having sex? Is having sex still a theory? I thought the science was in on that.

Earlier in the night, A$AP Ferg put on an energetic performance, asking the crowd to "slam dance" and start mosh pits. The crowd complied. Much like other young, exciting A$AP acts, Ferg put in the work and had the whole venue dancing. Stage dives, water guns, and ladies ready to twerk were in abundance.

Ferg even invited some ladies on stage to dance with him. And just when I started to wonder what kinds of cellphones Juicy J fans prefer to keep in their pockets, one particularly drunk onstage twerker showed off her boobs to the audience. The crowd collectively fumbled for its phones as Ferg and his crew rapped while enjoying the view. The Trippy Tour was definitely living up to its name. I'm not sure if she will remember the night, but Instagram definitely will.

At one point Juicy J invited several women and one man on stage. At first security picked some white dude wearing American flag gear top-to-bottom, so Juicy got rid of Captain America and requested his bouncer pick out "a black guy." Once they found one, Juicy gifted all the women on stage to him. The point being, Juicy J loves his fans.

Picking up girls at the Juicy J concert

As journalism dies a slow and painful death, many reporters are required to take their own photographs. At concerts this means you get a little pass and go up front for the first three songs. Normally, it gives you an opportunity to get some up close and personal shots of the artists, but if you happen to have a girlfriend with you that you can't bring up to the front, it means she gets an up-close and personal look at the pick-up skills of Juicy J concertgoers.

One gentleman eager to break the ice needed a way to strike up a conversation over the loud music. He decided to revert back to middle school tactics and use the ol' "I dropped my pencil under your desk" tactic. Classic move. One problem: There are no pencils or desks at a concert. Solution: take your lighter out of your pocket and throw it at a girl 10 feet away. Go retrieve your lighter and ask her "What's up?"

Some tried a more honest and direct approach.
"Where are your friends?"
"My boyfriend is up front doing some stuff, he'll be back in a second."
"Wait, where's your boyfriend?"
"Up front. He's coming back."
"Well I'm here. Wanna party?"

Then there was my personal favorite. Everyone knows women (and men) like confidence in their mates. You need something to separates you from the pack, and a lot of the time a little pep in your step is just the thing to do that. That's where Romeo came in.

He walked right through a cloud of smoke (probably in slow motion) to Juliet, leaned in and shouted into her ear the most confident thing he could think of.

"I love you."

Juliet must have misheard. She had never seen this man before. So she replied the only way anyone ever has when someone tries to talk to them at a concert.


Romeo decided to enunciate more clearly this time, sure that her lack of enthusiasm for this new love affair must just be miscommunication.

"I. Love. You. . . I'm in love with you."

As Juliet turned and ran away, Romeo shouted after her with all his being, "Wait, I love you!" But alas, his love had vanished into the crowd of trippy tour concert goers forevermore.

-- @MattSaincome
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