Watch: Sonny & the Sunsets Show a Black-and-White Battle to the Death in "Palmreader" Video

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It begins as a nice day in the park, but ends -- DUN-DUN-DUUUUN!!! (click for sound effect) -- with a competitive bloodbath. Of course we're talking about the new Sonny & the Sunsets video for "Palmreader," which wouldn't be a Sonny & the Sunsets video if it didn't leverage some offbeat concept into a sci-fi/horror/weirdo festival of camp. Directed by Sonny Smith himself, "Palmreader" follows a black-and-white movie about two musicians and their ill-fated, gory confrontation. Its cheaply compelling visuals are fare more jarring than the song itself, which jaunts along calmly in a sort of Velvet Underground-y way while Mr. Smith meditates on the fortunes of a relationship so fraught even a palm reader can't figure out. "Palmreader" is excellent, one of the more straightforward tracks from the Sunsets' new album Antenna to the Afterworld, which is out on Polyvinyl June 11. Check out the video:

Also on June 11, Sonny and the Sunsets will celebrate their new album with a special show at Eagle SF with Cool Ghouls and Burnt Ones.

-- @iPORT

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