Vinyl Copies of Daft Punk's Random Access Memories Are Nearly Sold Out in S.F.

Cross your robot fingers if you hope to get a vinyl copy of Daft Punk's new album Random Access Memories, which was released today: Many local stores are sold out, and the ones that aren't had only a handful of copies as of this afternoon.

"They're just selling really quickly," said a clerk at Rasputin Music on Powell Street in San Francisco, explaining why he wouldn't put a copy on hold for us. The store only had two vinyl editions left as of 3:45 this afternoon.

It was a similar story at the giant Amoeba Music on Haight, which had only four copies left at the same time. A clerk there offered to hold one for us if we could run over to get it, though.

The album is the first from the French electronic duo since 2005's poorly received Human After All, besides their 2010 soundtrack for TRON: Legacy. The sprawling new Random Access Memories, in some ways a throwback to the early days of disco and late-'70s soft rock, has received largely positive reviews -- even if most of its songs aren't as immediately gripping as first single "Get Lucky." The new release is predicted to break the record for the fastest-selling album in U.K. history.

Amoeba Music in Berkeley sold out of the album around 11:30 or noon today, a clerk said. Rasputin on Telegraph doesn't have any left, either. Streelight Records on Market in S.F. sold out at noon. As of 4 p.m., the only place we called with more than a handful of vinyl copies was the new Rasputin on Haight Street, which had seven left.

If you can tolerate a CD, though, you're in luck: They're in stock most places, even at the relatively tiny Aquarius Records in the Mission. That store will get vinyl copies of Random Access Memories on Friday.

Other stores said they'd be restocked in two or three days. One Amoeba clerk wondered aloud why his store didn't order more of them.

-- @iPORT

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