The 10 Worst Covers of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" on YouTube

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Daft Punk's latest single, "Get Lucky," from the upcoming album Random Access Memories, was heralded as the Song of the Summer weeks before it was even released. The Internet was salivating like a starving puppy awaiting a leak of the track. Fake remixes a-plenty were being shared in droves. When the official radio edit finally started to show up, it was like sweet manna from the heavens above. The slick collaboration between the robots, vocalist Pharrell Williams, and funk legend Nile Rogers on guitar delivered on everything we expected and more.

As the days following the release passed, the song gained a lot of momentum in the clubs and on national Top 40 radio. This, of course, was a cue for all fame-hungry, self indulgent YouTube "musicians" to record their own cover of the track in order to gain a tiny bit of Internet notoriety. There are now literally hundreds upon hundreds of terrible "Get Lucky" covers on YouTube, and we have done the heroic deed of finding the very worst for your viewing and listening displeasure. You can thank us later.

10. Ivan Tønder - "Get Lucky"

Are we putting this one at the bottom of the list because it is terrible, but also really awesome? Maybe. A seemingly middle-aged Ivan strolls out of his room in a half-open robe and casually sits down in front of his laundry drying. Dude proceeds to play flute for us in an emphatically Zamfir-like cover of Daft Punk's modern classic. Nice work, Ivan.

9. Igor Presnyakov - "Get Lucky"

At first glance, this is a perfectly innocent acoustic cover done by a technically proficient guitar player. But something grotesque happens around the 2:20 mark that takes this over the edge for us: The chubby, older gentleman starts to mimic the vocoder breakdown in the original. Closing his eyes and clutching his axe in a cringe-worthy performance that would make even make the dorkiest guitar-dad wince, Igor manages to play the song in that annoying, airy, BART-station-husker kind of way. Absolutely awful.

8. N'Gee - Get Lucky

Part of what makes "Get Lucky" so great is the soaring falsetto vocals of King Neptune himself, Pharrell Williams. This point is completely missed by songstress N'gee as she sings over a backing track that basically sounds like a boring karaoke version. Make sure to watch around the 2:20 mark, when an "MC" drops a totally unnecessary verse that sounds like it was recorded while drunk on Whip-Its.

7. Nova Tune - "Get Lucky"

We defy you to not cringe four seconds in, when Nova Tune's vocalist declares "I want to get funky" in the unfunkiest European accent we've ever heard. Filmed in the style of "shitty perfume commercial," Nova Tune's interpretation is filled with terrible playing and the worst harmonies ever. The group also changes the lyrics to say, "We have all night to get funky," which is dumb. At least they have a good camera.

6. SUNN - "Get Lucky"

Welp, if you ever wanted to hear Daft Punk in the style of the theme to Dawson's Creek, you're in luck! Sunn (not the cloaked doom metal band -- sorry) delivers on all fronts! We think YouTube commenter Boris Babić says it best:


Yah, Sunn. People help people by the birdy! OK?! Jeez.

5. leoleocestrigolo - "Get Lucky"

This is just a French dude singing the song in French -- which might seem cool at first. But it ends up being a fucking abomination that makes us want jam fromage in our ears until we are deaf. Luckily, dude put up a download link for an MP3 version, so we can take this pile of vomitous baguette chunks everywhere we go! Check out the 2:30 mark to hear the most pathetic use of vocoder since Peter Framton passed out drunk with the Talkbox tube in his mouth.

4. Gavin James - "Get Lucky"

Dublin-born singer/songwriter Gavin James is an up-and-coming artist to look out for. Just kidding! He totally blows as he gives us the watered-down "sensitive indie guy" version of the popular dance track, completely devoid of anything good or listenable. Look people, we must stop this now. Sensitive indie guy covers of popular dance or hip-hop hits are not funny, cute, or creative. They are shit. Forever.

3. jwktje - "Get Lucky"

Fake mustaches! HAHA! That's so funny! LMAO! They are having lots of fun! You can tell by the fake mustaches! Diane, check out this video! This is really groovin! Haha!

2. The Struts - "Get Lucky"

Ugh. This video is a perfect example of modern day "faking the funk." The cringe begins immediately as rock band the Struts bombard the viewer with THREE pop up windows, one of which directs you to "Tell Pharrell and Daft Punk what you think!" We think it sucks giant gorilla balls, bros. The Struts do excel at one thing: taking anything soulful and funky about the original track and turning into a bland boring mess. Great work!

1. Daughter - "Get Lucky"

"Hey, I have an idea! You know that really great new Daft Punk song 'Get Lucky'? You know how it's really fun and makes people happy? Well let's take away EVERY quality that makes that song enjoyable and record our own miserable, depressing version! Let's make it full of played-out whisper vocals, boring drums, and fartsy reverbed-out volume swells! Hey it worked for Pomplamoose!"

No. Just no.


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Are you people retarded?  I looked at number nine and ten and they are both GREAT covers.  Igor Presnyakov has more talent in his pinky toenail than anyone writing for SF.  This is disgusting, you people don't recognize talent and put others down who actually have it.  This site needs to re-evaluate itself before it can be taken seriously.


What idiot made this top? Igor is a very cool guitarist. And many people will agree me. :\


Thanks a lot ! Great article, it made my day. These people take themselves waaaaaaaay too seriously :)


I found literally two of these bad, and they were only because the performers weren't necessarily suited to the song (7 and 5). But seriously, this list is so out of line that I'm really not interested in this blog anymore. It's just senseless hate for talented people sharing what they can do with the world. There's literally NO need to hate on people who try.

Vanessa Solis
Vanessa Solis

I actually enjoyed Daughter's version. There's a cool mashup of both versions on Soundcloud.


I have to say, not only are a lot of these videos NOT "cringey" Get Lucky covers, but a good amount of them include some amazing talent that obviously goes unnoticed by the author of this list. I suggest when making a list of "worst videos," try finding something that incorporates something along the lines of a "bad American Idol audition" rather than people who have created professions around their careers and have clearly demonstrated a widespread amiability based strictly off of their musical talent and interpretation.

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