Thank You, Deftones, For Your Sincere Cover of Kris Kross' "Jump"

Deftones: "Jump! Jump!"
Man, this has been a rough few weeks for musician-related deaths. First there was Deftones bassist Chi Cheng, who passed after battling for five years to recover from a horrific car accident. Then yesterday, Slayer guitarist, Jeff Hanneman, died at the age of 49. And the day before that, the world lost Kriss Kross rapper Chris Kelly, who was found unconscious at his home in Atlanta and died after being rushed to hospital. It's all been terribly bleak, truth be told.

So, jebus bless the remaining Deftones for what they did while performing at the Pageant in St Louis on Wednesday night. Footage has surfaced of them honoring Kelly's memory with a rambunctious full-on metal cover of Kriss Kross' 1992 hit, "Jump." The crowd seems to think it's a joke at first. Then they seem confused by Chino Moreno's sincerity. And then, once the cover kicks in full-throttle, they remember what a stupidly catchy song "Jump" is, and they rock the fuck out. You can see it unfold here:

All too often when celebrities dies, the world spends too long pondering on the cause of death -- especially when it's something like a child star potentially overdosing -- without paying enough attention to that person's achievements, and certainly forgetting the simple pleasures that that person may have brought to the world.

Since Kelly passed, Twitter has exploded with people reminiscing about how they loved Kriss Kross when they were kids, how they may or may not have worn their clothes backwards for a time, but the general sense has been that Kriss Kross was and is kid-stuff. The Deftones blew that out of the water on Wednesday by taking a somewhat silly song, at a sad time and turning it into unabashed musical joy. The moment was given an added level of poignancy because of Deftones' recent loss.

Extra props go to Deftones for not taking the easy road and doing one token-effort chorus of "Jump," then carrying on with their set. Make no mistake, a band of this stature rock-wise, doing a Kriss Kross cover is funny (because it is so unexpected), but when it's done this thoroughly, you're reminded of the unhinged glory of Kriss Kross and the fact that, actually, the duo was rather good.

We hope Chi Cheng and Chris Kelly were watching on from somewhere else and having a good laugh about it all. Thanks Deftones.

-- @Raemondjjjj

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