How Do Electric Guitars Work? The Exploratorium Gets Ava Mendoza and Fat Dog to Explain

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Ava Mendoza demonstrates the all-important whammy bar.
How do electric guitars work, anyway? Why do they all look and sound so different? What do those switches and knobs even do?

If you've ever wondered about these and other mysteries regarding the electric guitar, a new video from the Exploratorium has you covered. This latest installment of the newly relocated museum's Science in the City series gets local axe-wielders Ava Mendoza, Henry Kaiser, and legendary guitar shop owner Fat Dog to investigate -- and demonstrate -- the many different factors that go into electric guitars sounding like they do. And what a fun investigation it is. Even if you understand how the instruments work (hint: it's pretty simple), there are enough killer licks in this clip to make it well worth watching. Check it out:

-- @iPORT

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Jim Granato
Jim Granato

I seriously wonder if Jeffrey Alexander knows...

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