Hey Local Musicians, Converse Wants to Give You Free Recording Studio Time

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If you're new to the Converse Rubber Tracks situation, let us sum it up for you: Later this month, a shoe company is going to give local musicians studio time. For free.

It's already happened in New York, L.A., Austin, and Toronto. Now Converse is bringing the odd mix of branding and philanthropy (brandthropy? philranding?) that is Rubber Tracks to San Francisco. Oh, and it's not building a studio from scratch. The company has contracted with Different Fur in the Mission -- the place where, among many others, Toro y Moi recorded his last album -- to host the Rubber Tracks sessions starting later this month.

Musicians of all genres are welcome to apply up until May 20. They will (of course) retain ownership of anything they record. "Experienced engineers" will be on hand to help them with the project. A total of 15 San Francisco artists will be selected for what's usually one or two days of recording. If you want to be one of them, apply here before May 20.

-- @iPORT

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