Google To Announce New Streaming Music Service Wednesday, and It Won't Be Free

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Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 15, Google's annual I/O conference kicks off at the Moscone Center here in San Francisco. And according to tech site the Verge, the Internet giant will use the occasion to announce a new streaming music service designed to compete with Spotify and Rdio.

Why a music subscription service? Because Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, Pandora, and whatever Beats/MOG is working on apparently aren't enough. Hey, Apple is developing one, too. It's the fashion these days.

The new service will be connected to Google Play, the Android operating system's entertainment store. (Apparently, a separate branch of the company is also working on a streaming service connected to YouTube.) Launching either product tomorrow would give Google the jump on Apple, which is reportedly running into hiccups with licensing deals for its in-development iRadio service.

But, as the Verge reports, Google's service is designed to be more like Spotify, while Apple's in-development iRadio is apparently more akin to Pandora.

Unlike either Spotify or Pandora, however, there will be no free subscriptions to Google's new service, so you ad-bombarded moochers can stay put with whatever service you're currently using. Pricing is expected to be in the neighborhood of Spotify's $5-$10 per month. How will Google's new thing be better than its competitors, most of which are pretty decent? We'll have to wait and see.

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