Top 8 Ways Going To a Rolling Stones Concert Is Like Living in San Francisco

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"You could have paid half -- well, no, a third -- of your S.F. rent with what it cost to be here! Thank you very much!"
The Rolling Stones are in the Bay Area this week, biding time between their show at the Oracle Arena and Wednesday's at HP Pavilion. Since Sunday's disappointing performance is still fresh in our minds, we thought we'd compare it to a similar, highly desired, pricey status symbol for Bay Area residents: A San Francisco address. Here are the top eight ways that going to a Rolling Stones concert is like living in San Francisco.

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8. Their popularity would not continue without an endless nostalgia for the 1960s.

7. Both represent -- at least in theory -- an ideal version of their respective forms (American city and rock concert).

6. Unless you're wealthy, finding a spot is really difficult -- and always involves a considerable amount of luck.

Christopher Victorio
5. Getting in is really only a license to spend more money on cool clothes, food, and drink.

4. A major part of the attraction is being able to say that you've done it.

Christopher Victorio
3. Most people there are drunk and/or high all the time.

2. Your relatives back east shudder in disbelief when you tell them how much it cost.

1. You think you're paying for some entry into an idealistic counterculture, only to find that the thing is mostly filled rich, conventionally successful people.

-- @iPORT

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Reminds me of the old bumper sticker that to my mind said it best:

"Corporate rock still sucks."


So "Ian S. Port" is code for "Jealous Tired Bitch." We get it already.

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