Chipotle's New Festival: Free Sets By Mayer Hawthorne and the Walkmen For You to Ignore

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Now Chipotle's throwing a music festival.

Well, it's not a music festival, exactly; more like one an awkward mix of a music/food/drinking/corporate indoctrination event. Seriously, they're calling it a "food, ideas, and music festival." (Notice "music" in last place there.) So the primary goal of the event, coming to Golden Gate Park on June 8, is to get you to try new Chipotle dishes and feel good about this restaurant you (or, okay, us) eat at way too often. To make this proposition more attractive, the company has booked musicians like Mayer Hawthorne and the Walkmen to play live. They'll doubtless be giving impassioned, singular performances, since everyone at a Chipotle festival will care deeply about them, and will be paying extremely close attention.

Sarcasm! As with Bottle Rock last weekend, we can already see a mass of beer-shocked foodie wannabes stuffing bites into their chow-holes while all but ignoring the real live artists playing real live music onstage. Because that's what happens when music and food get an equal billing at a festival: People give no shit about the music. And at Cultivate, they could be hearing chefs talk instead of standing in a tight crowd, trying to feel something. Who will bother with rock 'n' roll when top chefs are spilling the secrets of a perfect mole sauce? Who will dance to Mayer Hawthorne with a stomach full of gorditas? Anyway, here's the music lineup at Chipotle Cultivate. It should sound really good while you're waiting in line for another taco:

Mayer Hawthorne
The Walkmen
Walk the Moon
Matt Costa
Chris Golub

The festival takes place Saturday, June 8, in Golden Gate Park, and is free. Well, the food probably won't be free. And certainly the beer won't be. But going to hear the music will cost you nothing.

-- @iPORT

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