The Top Five Parties in San Francisco This Weekend

Brooke Candy plays at F8 on Saturday.
Have you ever dreamed of a 4 a.m. last call in California? Allow us to remind you that Sen. Mark Leno has proposed a bill to make that into a reality. It's called SB 635 and, if passed, it would do a lot to improve the city's club culture by allowing for the possibility of an extended-hours liquor license. If this is something that appeals to you, then we recommend you hook up with the people at "Options CA" and contact your representative via this handy web app. However, even without a 4 a.m. last call, there's no denying that a lot is going on in the city these days. And, to get you up to speed, we've got this handy cheat sheet all prepped and ready to go. So read on -- your weekend awaits.

Base presents Cassy at Vessel
Thursday, April 11. 10 p.m. $5-$10

In the global hierarchy of nightclubs, Berlin's Panorama Bar sits near the top. It's the house-oriented second room of Berghain, a mammoth techno cathedral fashioned from the corpse of a Soviet-era power plant. Cassy is a DJ who comes from this world: She's one of the club's residents (not to mention a resident at a number of other major clubs like Rex in Paris and Trouw in Amsterdam), and embodies that sleek-yet-tough sound the venue has helped popularize. Her visits to Vessel over the past few years have earned her a devoted local following. Get a feel for her sound by listening to this recent mix.

Forward 11 Year Anniversary with Manik at Mighty
Friday, April 12. 10 p.m. $10-$20

Eleven years ago this weekend, local nightlife crew Forward threw its first party at a place called "Border Cantina" -- what is now F8. Since those days it's been a force in local nightlife, advocating for the new strains of tech house that began to appear after the turn of the millennium. This weekend organizers celebrate its anniversary by hosting New York-based producer Manik (check out "Breakfast Club" and "Next to Me." A prime example of this new sound, his style synthesizes the difference between looped-up techno percussion and house sensuality for something entirely tuned for the dancefloor.

Last Nite at Elbo Room
Friday, April 12. 10 p.m. $5-$10

Well, folks, the snake has officially reached its tail. The crew behind the '90s-themed Debaser party has gotten together to create "Last Nite," a brand new event that, much like its parent, is dedicated to reviving a specific moment in time. In this case, it's all about that brief period in the early-'00s when garage rock, dance punk, and electroclash all emerged and combined to form the soundtrack to the-then nascent hipster lifestyle. Resident DJs Jamie Jams and Em Dee will be on hand to take you back to the days when "deck" was almost an adjective.

Icee Hot with GERD at Public Works
Friday, April 12. 10 p.m. $5-$10

It's not an exaggeration to say that old-school house is enjoying a revival. In fact, there's so much retro-sounding stuff out there that it can be hard to find those producers who are doing it right. One such artist is Gerd, a Dutch producer and label honcho with a history stretching back to those halcyon days (although back then he was a technohead). His tracks, like "H.O.U.S.E." and "Can You Feel It?" both show someone pushing forward while also making obvious reference the past. This Friday's Icee Hot marks his San Francisco debut.

Sus: Sasha Go Hard, Brooke Candy, Sick Sad World at F8
Saturday, April 13. 10 p.m. $10-$15

If you've been on social media in the past year, chances are high that you've read the word "sus." This slang form of "suspect" (adjective, not noun) has enjoyed a renewed popularity in the past couple years due largely to the '90s revival and its associated underground hip-hop resurgence. Now, it's the name of a new event put on by the same goth- and trap-obsessed promoters behind Mission staple 120 Minutes. To kick it off, organizers have put together a handful of headliners: Chicago drill phenomenon Sasha Go Hard (listen to "Blow My Mind"), hypersexualized Tumblr star Brooke Candy (listen to "I Wanna Fuck Right Now"), and East Bay party starters Sick Sad World.

-- @DerekOpperman

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