Here Is the Billboard That Proves the Rolling Stones Are Playing San Francisco This Year

The S.F. billboard
So the Rolling Stones have been making a rather large, um, bang on Twitter all week about some big announcement coming tomorrow, April 3. Yes, it is almost certainly going to be U.S. tour dates for this spring -- a continuation of the band's 50th Anniversary shows of last year. And yes, it's almost certainly going to include San Francisco. Because if not, this electronic billboard at the west end of the Bay Bridge, and those ads on Muni stops around town would be, like, really dick.

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Credit: John Marcher
The black billboard shows the Stones' still-somehow-lurid tongue and lips logo, and flashes various song titles and lyrcs -- "Start Me Up," "Shattered," etc. -- above the word "Wendnesday." The Muni ads are similar. Coupled with the news that the band just partnered with AEG to promote 18 U.S. dates this spring, we're all but certain we know what's coming tomorrow -- and that the Stones are coming to San Francisco this year. Word is they're going to make $4-$5 million per show, with top tickets going for between $500 and $650. Better start saving your money now.

-- @iPORT

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Raul Freyre
Raul Freyre

They probably will still play in wheel chairs. Ajumping one for mick.

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