America's Cup Pavilion Pulls Back on Concert Plans After Neighbor Complaints

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The series of major concerts at a new, temporary arena on the Embarcadero this summer won't be as big as organizers initially hoped.

After coming under fire from neighbors, the America's Cup Pavilion has scaled back its plans to hold up to 40 shows on the S.F. waterfront between May 31 and Oct. 15, according to the SF Examiner. Instead, there will be a maximum of 30 performances -- and fearful neighbors in North Beach are hoping to impose even more compromises.

The America's Cup Pavilion booked artists like Sting, Imagine Dragons, Train, and Jason Mraz to perform at the temporary venue. But after meeting with concerned neighbors, organizers agreed to decrease the number of shows and meet new conditions: Weeknight concerts will end at 10:30 p.m., and weekend concerts will end at 11. A noise hotline will be up and running for neighbors to report problems. And pavilion promoter Live Nation has promised that sound-deadening curtains will be installed around the back of the stage.

Apparently concert noise is already problem in North Beach -- even when it's coming across the Bay. "Numerous people told me during Treasure Island, it felt like the band was playing inside their living room," Jon Gollinger, president of the Telegraph Hill Dwellers, told the Examiner.

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Pretty sure that's Fillmore and Waller ;)


Who area it's bringing in $$$$$$ what a joke that they had to cut back. Must be an nobama thing fuckin up things!

Eric Carlson
Eric Carlson

Kookville- where there's always at least one person, usually filthy rich, to "complain"

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