Um, So Morrissey Might Actually Perform in San Francisco Tomorrow [UPDATE: Show Postponed]

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"Yeah, I'm thinkin' about it..."
Update: 3/9/13: Morrissey has postponed tonight's show due to illness. (Seriously.) The show will now be May 1.

Original post: Your morning headlines: Forty-seven airplanes landed safely at San Francisco International yesterday. Muni ushered people around the city on time, with zero service interruptions. No iPhones were stolen in the Tenderloin. And, in entertainment news, former Smiths singer Morrissey is still scheduled to play a sold-out show tomorrow, Saturday, March, 9, at the Regency Ballroom. As of press time, no changes, cancelations, postponements, or vegan-diet-based demands have been made. (As far as we know.)

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No really: We don't want to jinx this, but so far it seems Morrissey might actually play a scheduled date tomorrow at the Regency Ballroom -- which would be his first non-canceled Bay Area show in something like four years. Just weeks ago, he bailed on a show at Davies Symphony Hall due to an issue with Barrett's esophagus and a bleeding ulcer -- only to announce his recovery the morning after. That was the latest in an unbroken string of canceled Bay Area dates, leading many to suspect that Mr. Moz has some kind of grudge against Northern California fans. (He did, by the way, play a March 1 date at Staples Center in L.A.)

Anyway, at this point, Morrissey playing a show in San Francisco is far more noteworthy than Morrissey canceling. He's set to play again at the Warfield on April 30. But let's get through this weekend before we start dreaming that that might actually happen.

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Maybe he can go play in Argentina, where he can continue to support those who want to ethnically cleanse the Falklands?

What a horrible, contemptible human being.

Molotov Creative
Molotov Creative

Well, thats only until he finds out that you guys serve meat in your city.

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