SOMA Club 330 Ritch Closes After Weekend Shooting

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330 Ritch has closed after an early morning shooting inside and around the club.
330 Ritch, a SOMA nightclub that often hosted live hip-hop shows and DJs, closed indefinitely yesterday after three people were shot in and around the club early Sunday morning.

The shooting victims -- two men in their 20s and one man in his 30s -- are expected to live, according to the SF Examiner. But the Ritch Street club, which is tucked away in an alley between Brannan and Townsend streets, surrendered its entertainment permit to the city on Monday, meaning it will no longer operate.

The shootings stemmed from an argument that broke out around 1:30 a.m. Sunday in the club, where DJ Kleptic and DJ Mario E were set to perform. Shots were fired indoors, then the argument moved out into the street, according to police. One man was shot inside the club, one outside, and another about half a block away in a parking lot. Police have released no information about a suspect.

While the closure appears to come as good news to at least one of the club's neighbors -- who told the Examiner it was "only a matter of time" before 330 Ritch ceased operations -- it may be a blow to the city's struggling hip-hop scene.

The SOMA club was one of only a handful of city venues that booked smaller live rap shows and, to a lesser extent, sets by local hip-hop DJs. The club's party roster included monthly events like "Nineteen Ninety-Now" and "Block Party." In the last year, it held shows by notable local rappers IamSu!, DaVinci, and Richie Cunning. Where those kinds of events will move now -- if anywhere in the city -- is unclear.

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red.marcy.rand topcommenter

Chitin, you're response is literally non compos mentos. That "we" you keep ranting about are simply folks of statist persuasion who decided the best way to power and fortune was to put themselves in a position to control and dictate to people who actually produce something. 

Obviously you can have different people with different philosophies radically change things. Not overnight but the current practices are hardly set in concrete.

You're non-answer that this is the way things are currently set up hardly justifies the current status-quo.

Stupidly reiterating that you "just do" is no answer at all. 

Furthermore we are supposed to be a limited constitutional republic where the majority doesn't rule but individual rights do. If someone is actually violating your space with noise pollution or any other kind there are tort actions available to make you whole again, we don't need government agencies for that, just properly functioning courts that protect individual rights.

The only obligation a business owner has is not to invade you're space, whether by noise or air or water pollution.

Why would I petition the current statist-collectivist idiots to change a system that benefits them ? 

Obviously we would need to replace these folks altogether. 

Believe me I would never "hold my breath" waiting for an intelligent response from a statist.

Capice ?

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

I'm no rap fan but why should any business have to get permission from non-producing bureaucrats to operate ? And why is a business responsible for criminal behavior by others ?

Jami Kay
Jami Kay

no, its a bummer that it closed.

Edwin Combes
Edwin Combes

It's not the only time this place got shut down. Back in the 60's & 70's this was a popular & notorious gay bathhouse and was shut down in '84 during the AIDS crisis.


@red.marcy.rand  If you are asking a rhetorical question, fine.  But, rhetorical questions should be used as a preface to an argument, not as a substitute for the argument itself.

If you are asking a real question, then the answer is that we have a system of laws that establish land use zoning and business/construction permitting, and also licensing and regulation of professions and commercial activities.  This is the system the majority has put in place.  Why do you have to get permission to open and operate a garbage dump, run a law practice, sell food?  You just do.  If you don't like, petition your elected officials to change the laws--but I wouldn't hold my breath on it.  

Also, under our legal system owners and operators of facilities are held liable for certain activities that takes place on or around their premises to extent they are deemed to have a duty to control such activities and fail to meet the obligations of their duty.  Why? Because that is how our legal system is set up and operates.  Again, if you disagree with the law, petition to have it legislatively changed--but, once again, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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