SF Store Responds to Morrissey Cancelations with "Fuck Moz" Stickers

The new sticker design from SubliminalSF
Last week, Morrissey canceled the remaining dates of his current U.S. tour, including two San Francisco shows at the Warfield and Regency Ballrom, due to medical issues including bleeding ulcer, Barrett's esophagus, and double pneumonia.

These are the fifth and sixth consecutive Bay Area shows Morrissey has canceled in the last three years, having not played the region since December 2009. Fans, judging by the comment sections on our posts, are either utterly hopeless, furious, or both. So they should like the new stickers from local merch-maker SubliminalSF, which offer a simple, straight-ahead message to the former Smiths singer:

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Thus making these some of the coolest local music merch we've seen in a while. The stickers are available for a buck each from the SubliminalSF website, or you can buy a pack with some other fun designs -- including a "What Would Lemmy Do" that pays proper tribute to the Mötörhead singer -- for $5. We're just waiting for the "Fuck Moz" design to make it onto a T-shirt or a hoodie.

Update: Michael Madfes, owner of SubliminalSF, says he isn't a broken-hearted megafan of Morrissey, but it's not because of the man's music:

It's more to do with his attitude and persona. I have watched as he has used his ego and status to demand things that are outrageous, including recently requesting that the Staples Center in L.A. go completely vegan for his show there. This combined with other tidbits over the years and his repeated cancellations in the Bay Area over the years, all for "flimsy" reasons, have just made my dislike for him grow. This includes a cancellation a few years ago where he was "sick" but apparently not "sick" enough to go dancing at DNA Lounge the same night...

I made the stickers out of frustration for my friends that are fans as a way for them to vent, and for those like me who can't stand the man to have a little fun at his expense.

Fair enough. So let's put up some stickers and hope Morrissey gets the message: the Bay Area is pissed.

-- @iPORT

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pretty harsh, nothing like the heartwarming story of a business owner makin' money off of some good ole' hate.

Sean Kerns
Sean Kerns

He has DDS double douchebag syndrome! He was so pissed about the fallout and backlash he received as a reaction to his cancelling a late night talkshow appear that...in turn....he has cancelled tour dates!! Yeah..facts are so ugly sometimes...but not as ugly as elitist entitled assholes that think he knows what's best for other people. Best he mind his own &@%#$g business next time!!!

Will Beckman
Will Beckman

with stickers like that you won't. expect more snubbings.

Tanisha Avila
Tanisha Avila

Dude, he has double pneumonia. People are such assholes.

Ron Soto
Ron Soto

I had tix for 2 of his last shows before he started getting "SICK" of the Bay area!!! I love Moz, but come on bro!!! LOL!!!

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