Is Paul McCartney Playing Outside Lands 2013?

Christopher Victorio
Paul McCartney at his last show in S.F., July 10, 2010
Update: Asked to comment on the possibility of McCartney at Outside Lands, a spokesperson for Another Planet Entertainment had only this to say: "We expect to announce the Outside Lands 2013 lineup in the coming weeks. Stay tuned."

Paul McCartney is going on tour this summer, and at least one concert info website says he'll be playing this year's Outside Lands festival. Via an anonymous tipper, check out this page that says Macca, the great co-founder of the Beatles and a solo legend in his own right, will be playing our own Golden Gate Park this Sunday, Aug. 11.

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The news is especially interesting considering that McCartney announced more dates today for his Out There! Tour, which so far is only scheduled to stop at Bonnaroo and in Warsaw, and Vienna. But Bonnaroo and Outside Lands share a co-promoter -- Superfly Presents -- and a McCartney slot would be suitable follow-up to last year's Neil Young/Stevie Wonder duo of living greats at Outside Lands.

We've sent Outside Lands promoters Another Planet Entertainment an email inquiring about Macca at this year's festival, and we'll update this post if they respond.

-- @iPORT

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Hope not.  He's awful these days.  Let's hope he just does a Beatles medley and misses out the entire wings/solo back catalogue.

Thomas Murphy
Thomas Murphy

Who give a damn what this washed up, boring, cutesy creep does, anyway?

Nate Mezmer
Nate Mezmer

Hopefully he's playing with Sting at Americas Cup!!!! Must have at least 1million dollars liquid to qualify for vip tickets

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