Mighty Says Goodbye to Its Beloved RLA Soundsystem

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Kahley Avalon Emerson
Potrero Hill nightclub Mighty has just announced that March will mark the last month it will feature the iconic towers of its famous and historic Richard Long Associates soundsystem. Starting March 30, the club will carry the distinction of being the first place in the world to have a permanently installed Avalon by EAW CLUB.two speaker array. It's the company's flagship product, and it'll clock in at a walloping 50,000 watts -- which should be enough to distinguish it from the other San Francisco clubs already sporting EAW gear (currently that includes the likes of the EndUp, Ruby Skye, and DNA Lounge, among others).

This marks an unexpected change, as many dancers were infatuated with the RLA's visceral sound quality and one-of-a-kind history: Long's speakers provided the fun at such influential venues as Studio 54, Sound Factory (NYC), and Ministry of Sound (London). The system at Mighty is a patchwork of different components partially pulled from the legendary Paradise Garage in New York as well as a few other notable East Coast venues.

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"Although there was much love and praise for the massive, classic RLA system at Mighty, we felt it was time to move forward with a brand new 'state of the art' soundsystem that will raise the bar for super clean yet powerful sound on a dancefloor," says Mighty owner Sean Manchester.

Sound is not all that will change, either -- the current speakers take up quite a bit of floor space. By contrast, the EAWs are relatively small, design-conscious cubes that will be hung from the ceiling with bass reinforcement provided by six matching SUB.two woofers.


All hope is not lost for fans of the old system. The RLA will find a new home in the hands of local party outfit Pink Mammoth, which will be re-configuring it for use at Burning Man. Manchester says it'll first go for a checkup at JK Sound and will ultimately become "the most impressive four-corner system on the playa."

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