Bringing Funny Back: Justin Timberlake Owns Television This Week


If we were going to nominate a Song of the Week this week, it wouldn't go to any ordinary single. It wouldn't go to a song that's about to set the Billboard chart on fire. It wouldn't go to anything that ends up on heavy rotation on MTV. No. It would go to a barbershop quintet. "How can this be?" you may (or may not) be wondering... Well, the reason we say this is because of the following clip:

Now, Jimmy Fallon is no slacker when it comes to coming up with awesome, and usually hilarious, musical collaborations. His rendition of "All I Want For Christmas Is You," on children's musical instruments, and with Mariah Carey and The Roots, made our Least Awful Christmas Songs of 2012 list, so you know we already love him. But Timberlake? Timberlake's not supposed to be cool. Not just because of N*Sync and Britney -- it's just all a little hokey, right?

Well, not so much. If we're going to be enthusiastic about mainstream pop, then JT is a good example of how to do it well. Truth be told, we were a little disappointed by his recent big musical comeback, "Suit and Tie" -- but then we saw it on SNL last Saturday, and it all made sense.

Also, while we're on the subject, JT's fifth appearance on Saturday Night Live was a stroke of genius. Sure, the Elton John impersonation was pretty great, but it was in his re-uniting with "Dick in a Box" co-star Andy Samberg where things really got wondrous. The It's A Date skit, with Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd, was a highlight in an already-awesome show.

Now, this week has been Justin Timberlake week on Jimmy Fallon. JT has been absent from music for years, thanks to an attempted movie career (which has not gone badly at all, now that we think about it). But it's with music that JT really hits his stride. (Justified is still awesome, y'all.) He just happens to be blessed with enough comedic talent to help push his musical profile to the next level, popularity-wise. In addition to the really clever barbershop bit, he also contributed to a Michael McDonald skit on Jimmy Fallon that should live on for years:

God bless Michael McDonald for joining in with this.

So yes, Justin Timberlake is a triple threat. And yes, because of how gosh darn funny this guy is, we will appreciate him musically on another level. But, as comeback publicity onslaughts go, this week has belonged to Justin Timberlake. And despite the over-saturation, we're in no way sick of him. We hope every time he releases a new album, he hits SNL and late night TV like this, because it's rare for a musical talent to be so damn funny.

-- @Raemondjjjj
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