Cult Heroes Sparks Announce S.F. Show at the Chapel in April

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Sparks, as a patient fan of the cult band once explained to us, is a musician's band. Held in high esteem by the likes of pretty much everyone cool ever -- they're credited with inspiring both Morrissey and Bjork to go into music, and count Joey Ramone, Kurt Cobain, and Paul McCartney as fans -- Sparks had a huge, largely under-appreciated influence on the course of pop music. Brothers Ron and Russell Mael are credited with practically inventing New Wave with the the quirky, smart, keyboard-inflected rock they started making as students at UCLA in the '70s.

Though far more popular in the U.K. and Europe than the U.S., Sparks are touring the States this year based around their Coachella appearances -- and, as you've gleaned by now, a super-rare S.F. date is on their tour schedule, too.

The brothers Mael and co. will be headlining new Mission venue the Chapel this April 10. Tickets aren't cheap -- $35 advance, $40 at the door -- but then, when do you get to see Sparks? (Alternate answer: If you're going to be at Coachella April 12 or 19.)

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The Chapel

777 Valencia, San Francisco, CA

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$35 seems pretty cheap to me. Tickets for Morrissey are around $70. Two Sparks for the price of one Morrissey...I'd choose Sparks any day 


goddamnit i already bought tickets for the la show in a cemetery.

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