Yo Gotti and French Montana Brag About Money and Bore Us to Tears

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Remember when mainstream hip-hop had something to say? Back in the day, Public Enemy were an educational force to be reckoned with. NWA, who had their misogynistic moments, were in their own way teaching kids about life on the street. A few years later, all that angry stuff was replaced with laid-back hooks from Dre and Snoop and the like -- they were in the hood too, but they were chillin' and smoking blunts and driving around and getting laid. It wasn't terribly useful, but at least it was entertaining.

Last week, we gave the Worst New Song of the Week accolade to L'il Wayne for his charming ode to lady friends, "Bitches Love Me." We wondered aloud then why rappers were still harping on about "bitches" and "haters," and hoped something more interesting would happen. Sadly, this week, shit just got even worse, with yet more boring, obvious, predictable hip-hop for MTV in 2013. Both of these songs are fucking terrible and they're both bad for the same reason. Let's take a look at them both side by side and try and tell the difference between the two:

"Check," Yo Gotti

"Diamonds," French Montana, featuring J. Cole and Rick Ross

Listening to this lot is like getting a seat at a private Mitt Romney event where everyone complains about the useless 47% percent of the country, compares boats and servants, and displays gold-encrusted trophy wives. Just 'cause these guys didn't start out with money doesn't make the end result any less irritating. We're not just objecting to the fact that these rappers are teaching kids that the most important thing in life is money, we're objecting to the fact that listening to this shit is -- to put it plainly -- fucking boring.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you've got checks and you've got diamonds and you both buy bitches with them. Read a fucking book, fellas. Even if it's just J.Cole reading the Bible, that'd be a good start. Maybe then, he'd read that part about it being "easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" and rethink the giant diamond-encrusted Jesus face hanging aroundd his neck. 

How is this crap any different to one percenters like Donald Trump rubbing people's faces in their wealth? It's tasteless, it's tacky, and worst of all, it's enough to put us to sleep. Enough already.

-- @Raemondjjjj
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