Beyonce's Half-Time Show Was So Rad That the Power Went Out Afterward


How awesome was Beyonce's half time show at the 2013 Superbowl last night? So insanely awesome that she caused a power outage in half the stadium immediately afterwards. Okay, okay, so we don't know if it was her fault, per se, but this thing was definitely explosive. When the lights went out in the Superdome, they should've just stuck her straight back on stage to do the "Crazy in Love" strut again, because we're pretty sure that thing could power a small town if they wired her up correctly.

This show had everything! Smoke! Flame-throwers! Writhing around on the floor with elaborate video effects! Audience pens in the shape of Beyonce's face! An amazingly afro'd lady guitar player whose instrument spewed out fireworks from both ends! A butt-centric line-dance! And don't even get us started on the stage being completely filled with women all doing the "Single Ladies" dance simultaneously! That shit was great.

And then there was the Destiny's Child reunion -- not that terrible one that happened a few weeks ago with a half-assed single that disappointed, oh, you know, the entire world. This was the trio back together in their natural habitat again, shaking their perfectly toned tushies to "Independent Women," "Bootylicious," and even the start of Bey's "Single Ladies." Oh, and Kelly Rowland (looking ridiculously foxy) and Michelle Williams were literally shot out of the stage floor -- that was pretty cool. If only the Destiny's Child portion had gone on for longer... Like, say, an entire stadium tour. (Please?)

After "Single Ladies," Beyonce launched into "Halo". We say "launched"... It actually looked like she was miming the first verse, despite her assertion that she would not be miming during this show, after the inauguration debacle. We're gonna go ahead and assume it was so she could catch her breath after the "Single Ladies" dance situation. We could be wrong about the miming, but even if we're not, who gives a damn really, when the rest of the show very obviously was live.

If there is a more compelling pop performer than Beyonce on Earth right now, we have yet to find them. Seriously, who else could get away with whipping audience members with their goddamn hair? Pop starlets should take note -- and not just because Bey is living, kicking proof that wearing revealing, leathery outfits doesn't have to mean looking like a weak-willed sex toy... even in the midst of a thrust-tastic rendition of "Baby Boy." This was the best half-time show we've seen in years. Nice one, Bey.

-- @Raemondjjjj

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Tom Harris
Tom Harris

^Prince ; 3' heels in the rain....Killed it!!! Last night not even close to that.....


I don't get the whole beyonce thing.  the music is generic and has been done before.  lots!!

Stan James
Stan James was a production but I don't think her personal performance was all that...

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