We're Looking For Talented Freelance Music Writers

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SF Weekly seeks San Francisco-based freelance writers to help cover the city's incredibly diverse music scene for our print edition and music blog, All Shook Down.

We will pay you money -- more like beer money than rent money, but still -- to go to shows, interview artists, and tell our readers what's worth knowing about in San Francisco music and what's not.

Here's who we don't want: Fawning fanboys and fangirls who will gush at every show they see, or who are afraid to come out and say when something sucks. We want informed critics -- writers who can show why something is good and/or bad. You should have an opinion and be able to support it with evidence, and be confident enough to remain calm when anonymous commenters inevitably say you don't know anything about music, life, or anything else.

We also want you to have experience writing for a publication -- professional experience, ideally, although talented college paper staffers and music bloggers are encouraged to apply. At SF Weekly, you will be expected to turn in clean, well-written copy on time and without fuss.

If you're up for the adventure of covering music for SF Weekly, send a brief bio, resume, three published examples of your music writing, and three upcoming shows you'd like to review to Ian [dot] Port [at] SFWeekly [dot] com.(Please try to keep any attachments small -- our inbox is very full.)

If we're interested, we will contact you. Please understand that we're often writing on deadline, buried in e-mail, out at a show, or otherwise unable to respond with the timeliness you might like. If you're a good match, you'll hear from us.

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