Vote for Lil B To Perform at the Grammys -- It's Not Like He Could Make Them Worse

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It could happen... maybe.
The Grammy Awards will happen Feb. 10, and since just about anybody can get themselves nominated, the Recording Academy of America has opened up the live performance roster, too. Its new "The Gig of a Lifetime" contest offers a chance for one lucky artist to perform in front of an actual live audience during the three days of Grammy-related events leading up to the actual televised awards ceremony.

There are hundreds of nominees vying for your votes on Facebook, most of them pretty tepid. One, however, stands apart: Berkeley rapper/mischief-maker/performance artist/college lecturer Lil B.

Yes, that's the Based God you know for rather clumsily rapping, "Hoes on my dick 'cause I look like Matlock/Jesus/JK Rowling"; for delivering a sincere and semi-sensical lecture at NYU last year; and for being generally fascinating as a cultural phenomenon despite being his mediocre musicianship. But hey! The Grammy Awards are full of talented musicians, and they still aren't interesting as a cultural phenomenon.

Of course, whoever wins the "Gig of a Lifetime" contest isn't guaranteed to appear during the actual televised awards ceremony. But then, neither are dozens of Grammy winners. And we're hopeful that, were the Based God to show up for the Grammys, the sheer power of his charm (and the insistence of his rabid fanbase) might convince the Academy to put him on TV -- if only to guarantee one fascinating moment during what's likely to be a snoozer of a broadcast.

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