Local Song of the Day: Cocktails' Scrappy, Snotty "No Blondes (in California)"

Matthew Scott
Power-pop springs eternal. It doesn't matter how many bands have made it, how many are making it now, or even how many such acts populate the Bay Area ('cause there are a lot). You put hooky melodies over raw guitars, sprinkle that with a few lines of arrogance, apathy, or lust, and you're probably onto something good. So while San Francisco's Cocktails is one of the newer entrants on the local scene, their song "No Blondes (in California)" does power-pop just right: Counterintuitive, sticky chorus refrain? Yep. Female background vocals? Indeed. Blaring, basic guitar riff? Of course. There's even a cute, toy-like synth line that tinkles along as the song concludes.

The fact that this song is about as evergreen a modern subject as any -- adventuring and misadventuring around California -- helps it approach power-pop perfection. "No Blondes (in California)" is the first track on Cocktails forthcoming EP, and will be feted at the band's show this Friday (Feb. 1) at Hemlock Tavern with Warm Soda and DSTVV. Local label Father/Daughter Records is putting out the four-song debut, and it's almost as scrappy and delightful all the way through as "No Blondes" is on repeat.

-- @iPORT

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Hemlock Tavern

1131 Polk, San Francisco, CA

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