NOFX at 30: The Band's 10 Most Controversial Moments

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Katie Hovland
NOFX: About to turn 30
Reassuring us once and for all that turning 30 doesn't mean you have to start behaving like an adult, NOFX -- the West Coast punk icon/touring kegger that never winds down -- announced this week that they'll mark the end of their third decade in existence with a limited edition box set of deluxe LPs, a collection of every studio album the band has released.

That's 12 records in total, if you haven't been keeping count, with a limited number of them signed, plus "a life-size version of the band's infamous stage banner." They won't be issued until Feb. 19, though. So for the NOFX aficionado who just can't contain their excitement, here's a walk through some of the most colorful memories Fat Mike and the crew have given us over the last 30 years.

10. "We've been doing fine all these years without you so leave us alone!"
This missive in the liner notes of 1995's I Heard They Suck Live, directed at major labels and radio stations, isn't so much controversial as it is a relic of a bygone era -- one in which mainstream radio was clamoring to play underground punk bands and said punk bands (or at least NOFX) could afford to tell mainstream radio to fuck off.

9. Playing through head injuries with the best of them
On a tour stop in Israel in 2007, Fat Mike managed to hit guitarist Eric Melvin in the face with his bass while playing "Bottles to the Ground," breaking the bass and leaving a giant bleeding head gash in Melvin's head. They just borrowed a bass from the opener, though, and played through, which would be more impressive if we didn't think all involved parties on stage were probably too drunk to feel any of it.

8. Beef with Tegan and Sara/LGBT community
Fat Mike penned the song "Creeping Out Sara," on 2009's Coaster, about an awkward hang-out at a music festival with the indie-rock duo. He later said it was mostly about him being a drunk creep (which, duh) and the artists themselves didn't seem too offended. But many T&S fans in the gay community weren't down with lines wherein he asks the lesbian sisters if they've "ever had a threesome where they both ganged up one girl." Go figure.

7. Beef with many, many metalheads
On the same album, there's a ditty about Iron Maiden that casts its principal players in a gay love triangle; Fat Mike proceeded to explain that it was about how the band got ruined "and then pretty much turned into Spinal Tap." Around the same time, he called out the Huntington Beach metal band Avenged Sevenfold as "the epitome of what's wrong with rock 'n' roll" both for their alleged support of Bush and their failure to party as hard as their lyrics suggested. A very specific section of the Internet exploded in fury!

6. The 2009 debut of Cokie the Clown
In which our lead singer's alter-ego is a nightmarish clown that runs around shooting fake blow out of a flower into peoples' faces. What of it.

Note: Lots of NSFW album art on next page


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