Hunx's Seth Bogart: His Secret Applebee's Haiku Revealed

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Seth Bogart/Ward Robinson
Hunx: Then and now.
His ass-cheeks weren't hanging out in the old picture, but we knew it was Hunx as soon as we saw his 16-year-old self vamping in the pages of an obscure book from 1998. Seth Bogart is featured as one of the fanzine producers in the book Zine Scene: The Do It Yourself Guide to Zines (Girl Press).

Turns out that Bogart (who's currently on tour in Australia with his band Hunx and His Punx) used to make zines for all kinds of occasions, as he reveals in recent interviews. "I did all kinds of stupid shit," he told L.A. Record of his fledgling publishing efforts. "I made a zine called Beans for Teens -- fake sex stories about celebrities. Then I had one about Macaulay Culkin called Mac and Me that was really cute. I had one about Applebee's, and one about puberty."

What he didn't tell L.A. Record is that his zine about Applebee's contained multiple original haiku that he wrote about the diner chain -- but luckily they're in the book.

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Seth Bogart
Applebee's haiku by Seth Bogart (aka Hunx).
These bits of faux-Japanese poetry also reveal a fascination with Chevy Chase ("I saw Chevy Chase/ Chompin on Chicken Fingers/ From the Kid's Menu"). Whether that's Chevy Chase, Maryland, or Chevy Chase the comedic star is left open for interpretation.

Zine Scene also reprints excerpts of Bogart zines that rate his teachers (though the book thoughtfully blacks out their names) as well as his favorite monsters of all time. That Alligator Man and She-Monster are among them probably comes as no surprise to fans of one of San Francisco's most fabulously flamboyant musicians.

-- @teemoney415

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