Will the Residents Sell Any of Their $100,000 Box Sets?

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The Residents
Anyone familiar with the Residents expects a particularly thorough brand of mind-fuckery from the San Francisco musicians/art-misfits. But there's mind-fuckery, and then there's selling a giant box set that comes in an honest-to-god refrigerator. For $100,000.

That's what the Residents are proposing to do come Christmas Day. Starting Dec. 25, the group is putting 10 editions of its Ultimate Box Set up for sale, each of which includes a copy of seemingly every Residents release ever, plus an eyeball mask (more on that later), and a mystery item reportedly "worth" $5 million.

Maybe this is perfectly Residents-style behavior, the kind of thing you'd expect from a band that claims to have invented the music video (the evidence is in the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art, if that counts for anything), whose members are famous for wearing eyeball masks -- you can have your own now! -- and whose forays into actual music-making are either deconstructive pop or really freaking avant-garde.

But the question is, will anyone actually buy the Residents' refrigerator box set for a hundred grand? Can the group really through 10 copies of all its goods inside 10 iceboxes and come out with a cool million bucks? Could this actually just be another Residents prank mocking the collector mindset? Or is this exactly in line with the kind of thing they'd do?

We'll know more come Christmas, and we plan to find out how it goes. In the meantime, watch the group's pitch for why you should sell a kidney, if necessary, to get a fridge full of its music and videos:

THE ULTIMATE BOX SET INFOMERCIAL from The Cryptic Corp on Vimeo.

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