Top Five New Year's Eve Parties in San Francisco

Tone of Arc plays on New Year's Day at Cafe Cocomo.

As usual, New Year's Eve in San Francisco looks to be a pretty eventful evening. There's a lot to choose from -- so much that it can be hard to figure out what's good and what's cheesy. To put you on the path away from amateur hour, we've assembled this list for your perusal. Read on -- 2013 awaits.

5. The Extravaganza NYE Ball @ Monarch
Monday, Dec. 31, 7 p.m.-4 a.m.

It's been a good year for Monarch. To celebrate, it's throwing a sprawling "Extravaganza Ball" that stretches from an exclusive "cocktail soiree" at 7 p.m. to a full-on rager that lasts 'til late in the morning. The line-up for the dancing portion is comprised of some serious talent with roots in the Bay Area. Alland Byallo is an ex-San Franciscan currently residing in Berlin. When he lived here he was an integral part of the KONTROL crew, a party that did a lot in the '00s to represent the techno sounds of Detroit and Berlin in a city infatuated with house. Check out his recent "Noise December" mix. Also on the bill is DJ Spun, a South Bay native living in New York who was an integral spinner during the Bay Area's '90s rave boom. Since then, his Rong Music label has been responsible for some of the most memorable disco-related releases of the past ten years. Listen to his "Social Studies Promo Mix."

4. Breakfast of Champions @ Mighty
Tuesday, Jan. 1, 6 a.m.

For some people, the party wont stop at 4 a.m. For them, there are a few options to choose from, but undeniably Breakfast of Champions at Mighty is the most spectacular. An annual event put on by Burning Man outfit The Space Cowboys, it involves the whole club plus an outdoor silent disco and a completely new outdoor soundstage equipped with a Funktion-One sound system. Music will be supplied by a whole arny of local DJ crews with appearances by SEISMIC, Deep End, Pink Mammoth, and others. For $25, you get inside where the party will keep going 'til -- as it says on the event page -- "you cry uncle."

3. Daniel Maloso & Tone of Arc @ Cafe Cocomo
Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2 p.m.-2 a.m.

Cafe Cocomo is finally back up and running and not a moment too soon. Stompy and Sunset return to their usual haunt with a day party that should pick up after the morning events wind down. Daniel Maloso is a Mexican producer affiliated with South American outsider house label Cómeme. His music blends pop-industrial sensibilities with modern tech-house dancefloor appeal for a unique sound that's best heard on "Discoteca Cavernícola." Joining him for the day is local tech-house outfit Tone of Arc. Listen to the duo's recent cover of Q Lazarus' '80s classic "Goodbye Horses."

2. Sunset & Honey present MANIK and Still Going @ Public Works
Monday, Dec. 31, 9 p.m.-4 a.m.

Sunset & Honey Soundsystem are teaming up again for another New Year's Eve at Public Works. This time around they're bringing out two special acts from New York to fill out the already impressive roster of residents. MANIK is a relatively new tech-house producer whose sounds have found their way on to serious labels like Poker Flat and Ovum -- listen to "You Know What It's Like." Still Going is the disco-spinning duo of Oliver Spencer and Eric Duncan. Combined, they've recorded some of the most enduring tracks of the '00s, including "Spaghetti Circus" and "Still Going Theme." If last year's party is anything to go by, this one should be madness.

1. No Way Back New Year's Morning w/ Justin Vandervolgen @ Monarch
Tuesday, Jan. 1, 6 a.m.

Is it cheating to say this will be the best New Year's Eve party? Maybe, but either way it'll certainly be worth staying up for. Long-running party outfit No Way Back is once again hosting its debaucherous 6 a.m. New Year's Day party. This year the party welcomes New York re-edit maestro Justin Vandervolgen, a cult favorite who first gained attention via his role in groups !!! and Out Hud. Nowadays he spins disco and produces sounds that often confound expectations. Listen to the trance churn of "The Clapping Song" and the supreme '70s bounce of "EditChannel XXX" (currently in heavy rotation on SF's disco-leaning dancefloors). If it's anything like last year's blowout with Thomas, this one'll be messy and euphoric in the best way possible. In other words, it'll be the kind of place you'll want to end up at six in the morning.

-- @DerekOpperman

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