The Killers and M83 Rule Day 2 of Not So Silent Night, 12/8/12

Gil Riego, Jr.
Okay, so maybe M83. Slideshow: Not So Silent Night 2012 photos rocked even harder, which is even more ironic, seeing as how Anthony Gonzalez's project is both electronic and French. But with a guitar in hand and three bandmates (including brother/guitarist Yann Gonzalez, whose running-man moves at the drum pad were a sight to see) assisting with his prog-rock quest, Gonzalez made the most of his penultimate place on the bill, building up the songs to massive heights where Devil-sign rocking and oonce-oonce dancing occupied the same space. Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes a French electro act with a killer sax solo (during "Midnight City") that inspires girls on shoulders and beers thrust in the air at a modern-rock holiday show. For those who were at Oracle Arena on Saturday, Christmas definitely came early.

Gil Riego, Jr.
M83. Slideshow: Not So Silent Night 2012 photos
Critic's Notebook

Feeling old: Audiences at radio shows like this always skew young, so between bands it was both highly entertaining and completely depressing to guess how old certain kids were when particular songs played over the PA were made. That pack of squirrely 14-year-olds who look like they might still have some baby teeth? Their parents probably hadn't even met when Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" came out.

Feeling old, part two: Teenage boys have a pretty specific kind of BO, especially when they're in heat and the objects of their desire are dressed like hookers. It really doesn't mix well with the smell of hot dogs and nachos.

Feeling old, part three: I have no problem dropping F-bombs in my daily life, but I tend to watch my mouth around kids. I was sort of surprised that the DJs didn't feel the same way.

Just sayin': There were only four women onstage representing half the world's population. Where my ladies at?

Slideshow: Not So Silent Night 2012 photos


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house lights were kept on so the paramedics could wheel out someone on a stretcher from the stageroom floor.

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