So the Kreayshawn and V-Nasty Friendship Looks Over For Now

Talk about White Girl problems.

Lat year, Oakland-via-L.A. rap upstart Kreayshawn had a beef with her friend, lookalike, and White Girl Mob member Lil Debbie. Now, she's feuding with the third Mob member, V-Nasty -- or, more accurately, V-Nasty is going in hard on Kreayshawn. The woman born Vanessa Reece took to Twitter to attack the major-label-signed rapper and (former?) friend, accusing her of not wanting to share fame, lying about her background, and generally being "fake as fuck." Kreayshawn didn't directly reply, but here's a look at V-Nasty's, er, nasty Tweets:

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Ouch. Meanwhile, Kreayshawn's tour bus caught on fire over the weekend. The closest thing to a reply to V-Nasty's vitriol was this:

-- @iPORT

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