6 Best Moments From the 12.12.12 Concert: Sir Paul and Nirvana, Bruce's Bulge, and More

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4. Alicia Keys sings a stadium into silence

We'd put money on the fact that Alicia Keys' stripped down version of "No One" -- just a piano and her incredible vocal -- was enough to get every hair on the back of every neck in Madison Square Garden standing to attention. It was a truly gorgeous moment -- as was her low-key solo rendition of "Empire State of Mind" at the end of the night. We wish Kanye had just subbed for Jay-Z, so the song could've hit an even more triumphant note, but still. Solid effort, Ms. Keys.

5. Michael Stipe comes out of retirement for five minutes

He wasn't listed on the bill, and Brian Williams later noted that most people involved in the concert had zero idea that the R.E.M. frontman was going to show up, so when Michael Stipe popped up in the middle of Chris Martin's acoustic set to perform "Losing My Religion," it was a bit special. We wish it had been a teeny bit more exciting, but still. Thanks for showing up, baldy. Nice to see you again.

6. Kanye West has another awesome post-hurricane moment

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Kanye went on-air and very nearly gave Mike Myers a heart attack with the immortal words: "George Bush doesn't care about black people." It was pretty much the greatest thing that's ever happened during a telethon. At 12.12.12, Kanye proved once and for all that he is indeed at his best after a natural disaster. The epic greatest hits medley he pulled out last night was fucking brilliant. We didn't think it would get any better than the part where "Power" segued into "Jesus Walks". But then -- oh, snap -- he went and pulled out "Gold Digger." Game over.

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