Bobby Joe Ebola Laments the Indignities of Dog Shit in "Blues Turn Brown"

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Recession stories: Many people have 'em, and some are worse than others. Here's one from local funnymen Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits about the sad, shitty things one must do to make rent. Shitty, like, literally: "Blues Turn Brown" finds Mr. Ebola rather depressed by the piles of mutt feces whose removal has now become his occupation. The video finds the bandmembers working in a grocery store, contemplating theft, and impersonating elderly ladies in order to poach a bottle of wine. It's pretty funny. And it's catchy enough that you might find yourself humming about "scooping up dog shit from my uncle's lawn" for a good portion of the day. Also, it has dogs -- lots of dogs:

"Blues Turn Brown" is from Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits' new album, Trainwreck to Narnia, on S.F.'s Rooftop Comedy Productions. Judging by the tracklisting --

1. After the Armadillo
2. Vanilla American
3. Blues Turn Brown
4. Biological Imperative
5. My Darling Boo
7. Baked Beans & Whiskey
8. Walk in the Crosswalk
9. Bone Dagger
10. Censor The Word
11. Hey Everybody
12. The Last Child Soldier

-- we'd advise you to expect more of the video's dark, gross humor. Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits will be performing at S.F. Sketchfest in January, and they're opening for Negativland next Saturday, Dec. 29, at the Uptown in Oakland.


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