Watch: Nasty 'MTV Exec' Explains Why MTV Doesn't Play Music Videos Anymore

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Not a nice "MTV exec"
Remember when MTV's name was a straightforward summary of what the network showed, and not a cruel joke? Remember how long you've been bitching about that?

Well, prepare to get skewered. In this YouTube satire, a fan asks a fake MTV exec why the network doesn't play music videos anymore, and instead fills its airwaves with embarrassing reality TV. And the assholific "MTV Exec" (not really) who answers her has more than few stinging replies, especially for you '80s babies. Our favorite line: "Do you have such a lady-boner for Mumford and Sons that you need to see them tumbling out of one more screen in your house?"

So, yeah, it's like that. The sad part is, most of the reasons in here are probably correct.

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-- @iPORT

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