The Top Five Parties in SF This Weekend

Terrence Parker is never too busy to answer the phone.
It might be Thanksgiving this week, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't look forward to the weekend. Once your tryptophan-induced euphoria wears off, there'll be a whole bunch of things to get into. So shake off all that turkey and give a glance to this list we've put together. Read on -- your weekend awaits.

5. Taboo with Larry Tee & Brooke Candy @ DNA Lounge
Friday, Nov. 23 9 p.m. - 3 a.m.

As we've noted a few times before, the 18+ nightlife scene in San Francisco is pretty sparse. Luckily, DNA Lounge has offered a space for this niche to flourish. Taboo is a new party that uses four dancefloors to deliver a wide variety of sounds, including psy-trance, moombahton, trap, and disco. Headlining the whole thing is electroclash pioneer Larry Tee, a man who's been called, "a hipster before there were hipsters, a club kid before Michael Alig." His 1990 garage house track "What Am I Gonna Do?" probably wont get played, but it gives some proof to the statement. Cyber rave "ghetto princess" Brooke Candy (watch her performance in Grimes' "Genesis") provides support alongside a near-infininte roster of DJs.

4. Delta Funk and Speerhead present Andy Riley @ Temple
Friday, Nov. 23 9 p.m. - 4 a.m.

House music outfits Delta Funk and Speerhead have put on some of our favorite parties of the last year. A lot of that has to do with good curation of guests, but also with the way in which their events seem to embody the kind of positive mentality that lies at the heart of house music. This week they've been tapped by Temple to handle Friday night for "Temple Fridays." To help them do it, they're bringing out Andy Riley (of Inland Knights, Toka Project, and Drop Music) from the UK for an evening of house done right. Check out Toka Project's "7:38" for an impression of where things might end up.

3. Honey Soundsystem @ Holy Cow
Sunday, Nov. 25 9 p.m. - 2 a.m.

Considering that Honey Soundsystem happens every weekend, it's surprising that the crew has been able to keep its momentum going so well. Somehow this has consistently been one of the best parties in the city, with elaborate bookings and an attention to detail that's borderline obsessive. This week the party returns with no elaborate guest, but instead a big party in honor of the release of Stereogamous' "Face Love Anew," a new 12-inch put out by Honey Soundsystem and Cocktail D Amore. Listen to the track and check out our review of the party's homage to Patrick Cowley.

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DNA Lounge

375 11th St., San Francisco, CA

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540 Howard, San Francisco, CA

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Holy Cow

1535 Folsom, San Francisco, CA

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161 Erie, San Francisco, CA

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85 Campton, San Francisco, CA

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