The Top Five Parties in S.F. This Week

Even the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department likes DJ Harvey.
Between Halloween and the World Series sweep, it's been a brutal week for partying. We know that as you read this and nurse your liver back to health, you probably aren't thinking too much about the weekend. But that would be a huge mistake, because there are some serious events on the way. Put some cucumbers on your eyes (or whatever) and do your best to detox now, because things are about to get even more hectic. Read on -- your weekend awaits.

5. Deep Crates w/ Jason Kendig @ Underground SF
Nov. 2, 10 p.m. 4 a.m.

Located out in the Lower Haight, Deep Crates is one of those rare parties that doesn't look outside the city for talent. Instead, its purpose is to spotlight those local DJs (and record collectors) that are worth celebrating. Exclusively vinyl, it provides the kind of casual atmosphere-turned-party where you can go to hear some music that's truly "deep" in the sense of being rare. This month the man of honor is Honey Soundsystem's Jason Kendig, a Detroit transplant who's lived in the Bay Area for a long time now and impressed countless dancefloors with his remarkable ability to launch from mellow passages into moments of intense driving energy. Check out this review of Kendig at "The Chase" and this mix he released earlier this year.

4. Go Bang with Lester Temple @ The Stud
Nov. 3, 10 p.m. - 4 a.m

The coming end of the Deco Lounge has caused a stir in the nightlife topography. A number of popular events that were once stationed there now have to spread out and find new locations. One party affected is Go Bang, the long-running disco affair that we profiled in a review last year. Its new location is The Stud, an appropriate venue if there ever was one. To celebrate the change, they've brought back Lester Temple for his first turn behind the decks in 15 years. A key player in the S.F. disco and hi-nrg scenes, he was one of the producers behind the infamously sleazy "Castro Boy" record. Go Bang is all about the spirit of San Francisco's disco scene, so this should be quite the celebration.

3. Haçeteria: Haçpoçalypse Meltdown @ Deco Lounge
Nov. 3, 10 p.m. - 4 a.m.

As stated above, the Deco Lounge will soon be done for. This month's Haçeteria, aptly titled "Haçpoçalypse," marks the last time the party will be held at the iconic Tenderloin sweatbox. And while it's usually a live performance showcase for upcoming electronic dance music producers, this time around, it's all about the resident DJs and the party itself. As it says on the Facebook page, "The HAC resident DJs will keep you in the zone with wax stacks of classic rave, house, acid, and techno all night long." Sounds good to us. Check out this review and this video of the party's stunning light show courtesy of Subset.

Location Info


Underground SF

424 Haight, San Francisco, CA

Category: Music

The Stud

399 Ninth St., San Francisco, CA

Category: Music

Deco Lounge - CLOSED

510 Larkin, San Francisco, CA

Category: Music


119 Utah, San Francisco, CA

Category: Music

Public Works

161 Erie, San Francisco, CA

Category: Music

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Darryl Manco
Darryl Manco

What? The winning of the World Series was not enough? Not to mention Halloween. LOL!


@derekopperman the swisscheese of a mess of sound @both has made me go WHY THE FUCK DID I PAY cover to be here? garnier/harvy louie vega/dfp

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