247 Reasons To Go See Jens Lekman Tonight at the Fillmore

Jens Lekman
No one writes songs like Jens Lekman, the baby-faced Swedish singer-songwriter who's headlining the Fillmore tonight. Lekman expresses his heartsickness in details so personal and minute that his songs become superreal, almost comical in their trueness. His best songs are tearjerkers you can't help but chuckle through. And they sound gorgeous, too, led by Lekman's pristine voice and the lush orchestral arrangements that seem to expand and contract from massive to whisper-quiet.

See, for example, "The End of the World Is Bigger Than Love," a song off Lekman's excellent new album I Know What Love Isn't. All 247 words in the lyrics to this song tell the story of being heartbroken, yet a little optimistic -- but in such vivid detail that you feel friends with Lekman, entertained by him even as he works through his suffering. It's deeply sad in some places, but Lekman makes us smile by naming other things the end of the world is bigger than: "The Flatbush Avenue Target," "an iceberg," "the spider floating in your cider." By the end, we aren't just told that he feels relieved -- we're made to feel the lightness of his returning optimism along with him.

This is a lovely song, but it isn't a one-off highlight of Lekman's catalog -- the man has a dozen or more songs this rich, and a few that are even more exquisite. Still, the words to "The End of the World Is Bigger Than Love" do exemplify Lekman's unique talents. There are are lots of other reasons to go see him tonight at the Fillmore: he doesn't make it out to S.F. that often; he'll be playing with a full band; his last S.F. show was tainted by loud talkers -- but for now, here are 247 great ones:

"The End of the World Is Bigger Than Love" There's got to be someone here tonight Who can explain to me How shadows can also shed a light

How they can outshadow
What happened between us and outline
The burnt ground beneath us

I need to be explained to
Over and over

How a broken heart is not the end of the world
Because the end of the world is bigger than love

I was in Washington D.C. for the election
And when they announced the results
I left the procession
Content in the world's direction

Tried to call you for an explanation
Of the distance to the star constellations
Or any explanation of

How a broken heart is not the end of the world
Because the end of the world is bigger than love

And it's bigger than an iceberg
Than the plume of a geyser
And it's bigger than the spider
Floating in your cider
And it's bigger than the stock market
Than the loose change in your pocket
And the Flatbush Avenue Target
And their pharmacy department
And it's bigger than our problems
And our inability to solve them
From Coney Island to Harlem
To the end of the world and back again

A broken heart is not the end of the world
The end of the world is bigger than love

-- @iPORT

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