The 6 Best Concerts in San Francisco This Week

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Death Grips perform Monday, Dec. 3, at Slim's.
6. Simian Mobile Disco @ Mezzanine, Saturday, Dec. 1
Ever since Jas Shaw and James Ford split off from indie-pop outfit Simian circa 2006 to form Simian Mobile Disco, a cheeky sensibility has always underpinned the duo's slinky electro. On 2009's Temporary Pleasure, SMD mocked rich-kid opulence with "Audacity of Huge" by having Yeasayer vocalist Chris Keating boast about owning absurd status items such as "a bag of Bill Murray," "that Tammy Faye milk money butterscotch," and "that double dutch dinosaur duplex in Dubai." For 2010 compilation Delicacies, the London-based duo indulged themselves with tracks named after strange dishes such as Sardinian casu marzu (maggot-filled sheep milk cheese) and Icelandic hákarl (fermented shark). More lately, SMD's two 2012 releases bear strikingly similar cover designs, even as their titles of Unpatterns and A Form of Change expect you to assume that similarities are not in the cards. -- Reyan Ali

5. Paul Banks @ Slim's, Saturday, Dec. 1
Paul Banks is coming to San Francisco. This might elicit two responses: 1) "Man, I love Interpol! Can you believe Turn on the Bright Lights came out 10 years ago?" or, 2) "He sounds like the music in that AT&T commercial." Both of these, while technically correct, are irrelevant to the Interpol singer's upcoming show, however. The driving riffs and his booming voice of yore take a backseat on his new solo debut (appropriately called Banks). Instead, the songwriter explores many different facets of his voice over brooding, complex instrumentation. A song like "Arise, Awake" would appear neither on an Interpol record nor a car commercial. This, especially live, should be a very good thing. -- Nathan Mattise

4. Bear in Heaven/The Bay Brewed @ Public Works, Saturday, Dec. 1
It's a familiar tale: A rock group with electronic leanings trades its murky doodles for dayglow pixels -- and plays a beer festival. Well, all but that last bit is common terrain for your identikit synth-rocking indie band. What sets Bear in Heaven apart from similarly dancefloor-friendly psych acts -- like School of Seven Bells and Neon Indian -- is its lack of studied cool. Believe us when we say this is a good thing. Latest album I Love You, It's Cool features the Brooklyn trio at its earthiest and most companionable. Which should go down just great on a Saturday afternoon sipping beers from Anchor Brewing, 21st Amendment, and other breweries at The Bay Brewed: A Rock and Roll Beer Festival. -- Andrew Stout

3. Death Grips @ Slim's, Monday, Dec. 3
Truly great band/label drama takes you behind the curtain of the music biz, and there was hardly a juicier battle this year than the one between Epic Records and Death Grips. After Epic signed the hugely hyped Sacto hip-hop trio in February and issued its debut record in April, the label delayed the late 2012 release of Grips' NO LOVE DEEP WEB until 2013 -- at which point the band decided to stir the hell out of the pot. In October, Grips engaged in acts of public defiance: leaking the record, publishing private correspondence with the label, and mocking said correspondence. All of which culminated with Epic dropping the group on Nov. 1. The beef gets tastier when you consider that Grips' bizarre, mega-confrontational music had no business being on a major in the first place. Machinery-gone-haywire beats set an apocalyptic scene, while frontman MC Ride barks and raves so viciously that NO LOVE should come with a "Beware of Dog" sticker. Total doom has rarely felt so palpable. -- Reyan Ali

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