Check Out Muni Defender Simon Timony's Metal/Punk Band, Gaviotas

Courtesy of MTA
He tried to stop this.
Remember that big Muni bus that got torched while we were all out celebrating the Giants' World Series win? Well, it didn't go up in flames without a fight: 28-year-old S.F. native Simon Timony tried to stop the drunken mob from smashing the bus and setting it on fire -- and got beat up in the process. He was punched and kicked by the revelers, and suffered a broken nose and two chipped teeth for trying to protect a $700,000 piece of public property.

Timony got a bit of public acclaim for his efforts, including an award from Muni and an invitation from Sup. Scott Weiner to watch the Giants parade from Weiner's V.I.P. box. (He turned down the offer of free Muni rides for life.) You can give Timony a different kind of recognition, though: Check out his band, Gaviotas, a metal-punk hybrid with a flair for smooth melodies and political lyrics.

via ABC7
Timony after the brawl.
Gaviotas has been around since 2003, and has played at venues like Slim's and Bottom of the Hill. The group plans to release a new album, Assemble, in January, and has a gig at Thee Parkside on Dec. 8. Check out three songs below, each of them aggresive but tuneful. Our favorite is the uncompromising "One Look":

And here's Timony being interviewed by ABC 7 about his Muni heroism:

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Thee Parkside

1600 17th St., San Francisco, CA

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Congrats to Gaviotas for becoming Gorilla Music Battle of the Bands finalist on Sunday! You all were awesome!!! 

Also, it doesn't say on the calendar, but Gaviotas will be performing at 6pm at Thee Parkside on Saturday. As Apple said, it's a toy drive so bring a toy and get a drink.


It's important to mention that the Gaviotas gig in Thee Parkside is a free charity Toy Drive Happy Hour Show! Good job still taking care of SF, yet again, guys!!!!

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