Mariah Carey's Obama Song Sounds More Like a Disaster Fundraiser


If you were glued to the television on election night last Tuesday, then you probably saw that glorious moment when Barack Obama embraced victory for the second time, made his inspiring address, then got showered, alongside his family and colleagues, in a storm of red, white, and blue ticker-tape awesomeness.

For any Democrat watching, it would have been a thrilling sight regardless. But you know what made that grand finale a billion times greater? The fact that Bruce Springsteen's huge, rabble-rousing anthem of American unity, "We Take Care of Our Own", was booming in the background. Never has a song sounded more triumphant.

So, Mariah Carey must've been feeling really brave that night when she premiered "Bring It On Home" online. We think it's supposed to have a celebratory tone, but in actuality, it sounds more like a fundraiser for a natural disaster. Check it out:

It's not that we don't appreciate Mariah's efforts to support the President. We do. And she seems like a really wonderful, kind, caring lady. And of course, she's got those pipes. The problem is, "Bring It On Home" sounds like it was written in approximately four minutes. It barely has lyrics. At all. In fact, everything past 1:12 is so heinously repetitive, it just sounds like a joke.

The additional problem is that the tone of this thing is so incredibly dour and predictable, it strongly resembles a parody. You can practically sing "We Are The World" (original version, not Haiti version) over it. And, worst of all, the first time we heard "Bring It On Home," it instantly reminded us of the "Kidney Now!" song from 30 Rock. Only way less hilarious. (Obviously.)

Most of all though, "Bring It On Home" just doesn't feel like a celebration. Of anything. And while we're aware that this thing was written well before the election was over (she first performed the song at a campaign event earlier this year), it just isn't what we want to listen to while celebrating a massive political victory. Imagine how much more she could've helped us party if only she'd re-recorded "Emotions" with a witty semi-political lyrical spin. But alas, we're stuck with this miserable ol' thing.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we'll be over here high-fiving other Democrats to the life-affirming sounds of The Boss.

-- @Raemondjjjj

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