Lil Debbie and Riff Raff's "Michelle Obama": The Election Party Goes Dumb

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Your guess is as good as ours.
Okay so maybe our brains are ruined from imbibing too much cablehead punditry and other toxic substances during election fever last night. But this new song/video from Kreayshawn affiliate/White Girl Mobber Lil Debbie, punctually entitled "Michelle Obama" and featuring the tattooed hashtag windbag known as Riff Raff, is just not making any sense at all. Hopefully (for our and their sake) that's the point -- that a refrain like "Presidential tint/ Michelle Obama/ Frozen femurs in your freezer/ Jeffrey Dahmer" is so comically absurd on its face that anyone with a better grasp on reality than us right now wouldn't even bother trying to extract any literal meaning out of it.

Because what does Michelle Obama have to do with any of this besides pure timeliness/SEO, is the prevailing question on our minds here. The best explanation our politics-addled noodle can offer is that, for Debbie, presidential tint is to Michelle Obama as frozen limbs in the freezer are to Jeffrey Dahmer. Which is not quite the analogy we'd have made, exactly.

Also: Lil Debbie parades around in a flag and not much else, there's a bunch of lines where she pretends that she's famous (or maybe having Ryan Seacrest on line 2 is supposed to be funny?), and Riff Raff still looks gross but contributes some much-needed charisma to the whole gathering. This is the post-election party gone dumb, but hey, when you won, going dumb is okay, right?

-- @iPORT

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OMG! This is bad. I am sure she dresses at the children's department.  She is so skinny it's scary. LOL.  BAAAAAAADDDDDDDD!!!! It's hilarious.  

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